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PlasMark: 1 Million € project granted for detecting microplastics with Raman imaging

Fluorescent microplastic particles. Photo: Kerstin Riebe (AIP)

The research and innovation centers innoFSPEC, HIKE (Medical Department of Greifswald University) and Plasmatis (Leibniz Institute for Plasma Science and Technology, Greifswald) will launch a joint research project (Meta-ZIK program) to detect microplastics in cell tissues. For identifying harmful particles, innoFSPEC will apply and refine snapshot Raman imaging derived from hyperspectral astronomy techniques.

The BMBF will support innoFSPEC with 925,000 € including a subcontract for developing a new tailor-made wide field spectrograph.

The PlasMark project will start in October 2020 and will run until December 2022.