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Interdisciplinary Projects: NanoPAT

Nanoparticles have become increasingly important in a large range of industrial production processes. To achieve a constantly high quality of the nanoparticles and increase the efficiency in their production processes, it is useful to monitor the progress of a reaction (e.g. the growth of the particles) as closely as possible. The NanoPAT project integrates three novel, real-time nano-characterisation Process Analytical Technologies (PATs) for process monitoring in industrial scale applications: Photon Density Wave spectroscopy (PDW), OptoFluidic force induction (OF2i) and Turbidity Spectrometry (TUS) are adapted to monitor five different nanoparticle production processes (ceramics, silica, polymers, zeolites and hydroxyapatites). The suitability of these technologies for large-scale applications will be demonstrated by implementing them in the pilot plants of large industrial partners. Find more information on

Implementation of the three novel PATs at the 5 industrial case studies (graphic: NanoPAT consortium)

Aim: Control system to monitor nanoparticle production processes (graphic: NanoPAT consortium)


Prof. Dr. Ilko Bald

Research group leader

Phone: +49 331 / 977-5238